Who are we?

BRZ-Experts is a consulting engineering company that maintains a strategic alliance with Thornton Tomasetti Inc., a renowned American engineering company that has projects in over 50 countries. BRZ-Experts’ team of specialists works at the international level, developing projects in collaboration with Thornton Tomasetti, or acting as engineering experts for the global insurance market. Among other specialties, besides technical analysis, BRZ-Experts provides an specialized team in Cost Engineering, in which it develops cost breakdown services recovery and rehabilitation projects. Along the project specifications and quantities, BRZ-Experts provides consistent results which are used for administrative or legal purposes by insurance companies in order to arrive at fair compensation and technically sound values when dealing with complex claims. The cause and origin studies require highly experienced and technically qualified professionals. Analysis tools are utilized to provide a wide range of structural behavior scenarios, giving the required technical support to the work, leading to better decision making. Evidently, all of that expertise is not overlooked in the field of Risk Management, aiming to bring analysis and mitigation of risk elements that could transform into catastrophes if preventive measures are not taken soon enough. We are a team prepared to meet the challenges of our projects, combining high technology and tools with qualified structure, organization, and commitment to all our clients and partners, in order to always deliver reliable results.


BRZ-Experts was founded in 2006 with the purpose to provide the local insurance market the specialized civil engineering services, developing case studies and costs evaluations for the rebuilding of damaged structures. As the years passed by, several technical specialties were developed in order to the meet new demands.
The analysis of catastrophic highway events became a requirement during the Brazilian highway privatization period. Afterwards, the work performed was expanded to hydraulical and geological-geotechnical engineering aimed at dam construction works. At that time, the work with international clients who started doing business in Brazil increased, due to the opening of the insurance market.

In 2016, BRZ established a partnership with international engineering consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti, which eventually led to a strategic alliance between the companies. The move allowed for an expansion of market share and the creation of new practice areas, focused on consulting engineering in these segments: insurance, design and structural modeling, and risk management. That is how BRZ-Experts continues to operation in 2018! Without losing the values that we always held, both BRZ and Thornton Tomasetti have very similar philosophies, which resulted into a synergetic union in which two companies collaborating together represents more than the sum of the capacity of each one isolated.

  • 2006 – BRZ-Experts founding (as Apoio Perícias)
  • 2007 – Starts to work with roads and highways
  • 2010 – Projects involving railways on the Brazilian Northeast region after historical record rains
  • 2011 – Starts offering services to international clients
  • 2012 – Loss event claims for World Cup’s soccer stadiums
  • 2013 – Name changed from Apoio Perícias to BRZ-Experts
  • 2016 – Strategic alliance with Thornton Tomasetti
  • 2021 – Company Restructuring


To offer engineering consulting services that provide technical security for the decisions that need to be made making the final results reach the best technical, environmental, and economic performance possible.


To become a local and international reference when it comes to consulting engineering, by providing an unmatched level of technical excellence.


• To act transparently and ethically in relation to our clients and collaborations;
• To conduct teamwork confidently, and value and respect team members;
• To be committed and responsible;
• To provide client satisfaction;
• To maintain highly qualified and diversified technical staff.