Meet the BRZ-Experts

We have been working in the civil engineering consulting area since 2006, and our main areas of practice are design, property loss consulting, risk and cost engineering, as well as, multidisciplinary studies.

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Learn about our core business and focus areas


Property Loss Consulting

The service, which is geared toward forensic engineering related to determining the root cause and origin of the loss event, as well as establishing technical solutions and their related costs, is another of BRZ-Experts’ main activities.Learn More »

Risk Management

The examination of the structures’ maintenance and integrity conditions is fundamental to keep the ongoing operation and efficiency of the structural system. BRZ-Experts’ work allows the client to assign measures to prevent business and process paralyzation, reducing the losses and consequences that such disruptions could cause.Learn More »

Structural Engineering Design

Technical feasibility analyses, design projects from conceptual phase to construction documents, field construction assistance, and construction administration are among the main practice areas of BRZ-Experts’ portfolio.Learn More »

Multidisciplinary Studies

Complex engineering problems require studies and solutions that involve the analyses of a wide range of disciplines. With this purpose in mind, BRZ-Experts’ team of professionals include specialists in several technical areas such as materials, chemical, hydraulical, geotechnical, structural, and mechanical engineering.Learn More »


Explore our past projects.

Engineering is our business! And when performing our work, we use very up-to-date numerical and analysis tools, such as finite element modeling software, where problems can be analyzed up to the state-of-the-art level. The same applies to cost evaluations for rebuilding and repairing any structure or device. We have systems and methods that enables us to elaborate unit cost breakdowns in accordance with the complexity of the studied subject. In addition, we also consider the location and respective logistical difficulties to execute the required work to recover damaged parts or devices.